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The Bachelor Season 3 Episode 12 Recap and #BachieTreat

Episode 12

You might recall on one of the previous episodes where Bachie took Sarah to taste some wine near "his" boat house. I wondered back then if he had a boat, and this episode cleared it all up for me. It's not a boat per say, coz he's not that rich yet. It's a kayak. He keeps his kayak in the boat house, of course!

Thanks to the awesomeness that is Osher we get to spend another episode getting to know the real on-screen Rachel aka Tinkerbell. She is an odd character to put it nicely. She isn't much of a people person in fact, she be like...

She has made it perfectly clear that she is not on this show to make friends with the BachieGirls. Not only has she spelled that out to us and her BachieGirlfriends, but if anyone missed her verbal release her icy cold body language and facial cues seal the deal. Her main reason for being on the show, I think is to get her man, I think.  I'm not too sure about this because she doesn't even seem to interested in Bachie either. I think she was all hoping for Bachie to fall all over her, and when he didn't she spaced out, like literally.  At their first meeting if it went a little bit like this,

then we would think, because this happened in a movie, there could be an actual chance between Bachie and Tinkerbell, but it didn't so it didn't.

Group Date
Bachie was super generous this week and invited the harem to this date. They are taken by NISSANs to an "arty district" where a trendy warehouse art gallery place with awesome big doors awaits them. Bachie likes "culcha" and he wants to share this with his BachieGirls. It is here they are paired up to create a clay sculpture of Bachie. As bad luck would have it, Sarah was standing next to Tinkerbell, and she be like..

But she was a good sport and they created their sculpture of shirtless Bachie laying on the pashing couch, which according to Tinkerbell, the chair was the main feature in her mind!? Then the BachieGirls had to draw a charcoal portrait of Bachie, though the face wasn't included in this art piece, it was more the shirtless chest. The BachieGirl who draws a creation that reaches Bachie's heart full of "culcha" wins some alone time with him. Lucky for Bachie, as he had no idea who's picture belonged to who, chose Parmie's art work. He chose it because he liked how the picture shows Bachie how he sees himself, which means a well proportioned chiseled male form.  I have to add though her picture was pretty darn good.

There was also a bit of time for Bachie to have some catch up time with Tinkerbell and get to know her better. This is where the brothers and sisters of Australia be like..

It is clear to us that Bachie was nor impressed with his lightning fast alone time with Tinkerbell, but I think she was a bit like....

After that uncomfortable encounter we are taken to Parmie and Bachie's  alone time date and it's during this alone time that Bachie asks the big question. Will Parmie move to Melbourne to be with her man? She shocked the sisterhood of Australia by saying she would. Bachie be like,

 I think he was hoping she would be resistant to moving, and thus making his decision making easier. But Bachie, you naive child you. You are talking to women and things are never going to be straight forward and easy.

Single Date
Sarah scores yet another single date with Bachie. Nina is not so happy and neither are the intruders. I could explain what happens on this date but unfortunately....

Cocktail Party
Sarah gets back from her single date with a rose and all the Original BachieGirls give her high fives and are so happy for her which makes the intruder Bachie girls fume! Llama is all like, " Nobody gave me a high five when I got my red rose", but Nina be like...

The hate hate relationship is brewing between Nina and Tinkerbell too and I am thinking they both might be like...

As much as we love the quirkiness of Tinkerbell's personality we are all feeling squeamish over the general feel for this cocktail party. At this point it is clear the BachieGirls aren't consuming enough alcoholic beverages so enter our favourite non-Bachie....

Osher lays down the mathematical laws of the game that only he knows how to explain so the whole of Australia is on the same page, a BachieGirl must go home today.  As we realise that our lone crazy sister is standing solo the whole of Australia I do believe sung in unison when Tinkerbell was not given a rose...

But because she is a food blogger and I think there is a hidden side to our Tinkerbell, I am sure all will be well with our dear friend and she will be blogging away soon about....

It is at this point that I have to ask myself some tough questions. Am I taking this show too seriously? Should I be folding the 14 loads of laundry that are piling up, should I be cleaning the sticky kitchen floor that is catching more than dog hair now and....

PS. #BachieTreat tonight was Butterscotch and Gingabread ice cream.

The Bachelor Australia Season 3 Recap Episode 11 and #BachieTreat

Episode 11

So this episode be like....

Excuse me while I wipe away the spit dribble and wake up properly from my slumber. This really was a very slow paced episode. I do recall some interesting moments which I shall share.

The group date included all the girls. Bachie has set this up all too well. Will my BachieGirl be able to not just be adored by children, but work in the "family business" when she accepts my marriage proposal? While the sisterhood swoons over Bachie and his child whispering ways, Nina's internal flame is combusting over her hatred for Tinkerbell. These two do NOT, I repeat do NOT like each other. The Dallia and Tessa show down I prophetically conjured up for Emily and Nina or Heather could actually come to fruition with Tinkerbell and Nina or Nina and Llama, there is two opportunities so it could really go down! Tinkerbell is an interesting character. She doesn't like to interact with other women, she is not too keen on little people, she doesn't like social activities that include other people and she doesn't like balls! Who is this person? She be like....

But we be like....

I thought maybe Tinkerbell was just having a bad couple of days, as it could very well be that time of the month. Well lets face it a house full women, its bound to happen. But gee whiz, this girl has a lot of verbal gas to expel and she is letting it loose!

Nina is also not happy because she has not been on a single date since her last single date where she had to break the on screen pash record. However my thoughts go to the original Rachel who was strung along by Bachie and NEVER got a single date. Let's be fair Nina, you at least have had some alone time with the man, and even though the kiss was forced, at least you got it. Nina is not just cranky pants about not having another single date with Bachie, but like I said before, she is not so keen on the new intruder girls. I think her thoughts of Tinkerbell go a little like this....

 and I think she feels a little bit like this toward Llama....

 Personally, I am not keen on Llama, there is something really "disgenuine" about her (thanks Queen Ems for introducing me to this new word). I really thought with the exit of Heybro that the MeanGirl alliance was over but it seems that Llama has appointed herself to the throne and she has taken on Tinkerball as her jester.

Single Date  
Llama scores the single date and we get to know all about her. She has travelled, she knows Spanish and she knows where the quarantine station is in Sydney and Bachie thinks she is amazing! How talented to know where the quarantine station is, she is so learned and worldly I want to be her friend! But I feel conflicted with these worrisome thoughts about how disgenuine she is. All this being said, I still feel there is something not quite right about this date. I'm concerned that Llama gives off a scent that makes Bachie act weird and not think right when he is in her presence. It is almost like she be like

and while he stares into her eyes she puts a trance on him, he doesn't turn to stone but she makes him give her a rose. Anyway, that might seem a bit far fetched but it could could! ;)

Cocktail Party
Enter Llama gleaming with her red rose and she can't wait to off load her salty experience into Nina's gashing wounds. But the girls all be like...

Tell someone who cares Llama, your Bachie trance doesn't work on us! So anyway, the shock horror drama that the ads have been building to is during the rose ceremony. Osher in the house he be like...

He informs us that Bachie has been challenged this week with this decision about sending yet another BachieGirl home. Really Osher? You are trying to convince us that Bachie is wanting to keep Tinkerbell on and see how wild her personality blooms or festers depending on your take of her is? We know that Llama has a rose so she is safe to fight it out another week with her bestie girlfriends. Heather gets a rose and Parmie does too. All of a sudden I don't give too hoots who is next to get a rose or who is going home. The only BachieGirls I care about are safe. Then it happens, Bachie gets the cue from his ear piece to get all nervous and awkward. The producers are yelling so loudly at him in his ear piece that he is not being convincing enough, he excuses himself and he be like...

Lucky for Bachie, Osher is there to save the day and make everything right in the Bachie Mansion, what would Bachie do with himself if he didn't have Osher telling him....

With such wisdom, how could Bachie not make the best decision of his life? He gives all three remaining girls a rose. Good Work Osher, now we really get to see what Tinkerbell has to offer!!

Bachie Treat
I decided to make this homemade ice cream which is dairy free and pretty much vegan friendly. I will post a separate post for the recipe.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Twice cooked Tortellini in Garlic Butter Sauce

Wow! Such a long name for this dish, but really at the end of the day the pasta could really be anything of your choosing. I think it would work best with a filled pasta over a linguini or a spaghetti, but it could work well with almost any variety.

Basically, all I did was use stored purchased tortellini (large bag that serves 4) cooked in salted boiling water and drained. For the garlic butter I used 100g or so of butter and melted it down on medium high until it is sizzling and added 1/2 a spanish/red onion finely chopped and cooked it through and then added the minced garlic. As this is sizzling away and smelling divine I add the cooked pasta, at the same temp and allowed the pasta to brown on the edges a little. Just before serving I toss through some parsley - fresh is best but I only had dried on hand this time round. Season with some cracked black pepper. You could also squeeze in some lemon, add some chilli, or I added a dash of balsamic vinegar. So good!!

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The Bachelor Australia Recap Episode 10 and #BachieTreat

Episode 10
I am totally getting into this season for reals. I am now into writing separate posts for the episodes rather than combined. Something is wrong with me is it not?

While the sons and daughters of Australia adjust themselves to not having Her Royal Majesty Queen of Bachelordom and Hearts, Emily on screen anymore,  I start to worry that there is so many real life connections with my favourite movies and The Bachelor Australia that I have to consider there could be concern for Emily, since her dramatic exist fell on nobody's deaf ears....

Which I truly don't think would happen. Of course, you can't take a show like this too seriously, seriously.  With this exit though, my truest hopes of a Dallia and Tessa show down between Queen Em and Hippie Heather are now dimming and I am feeling a little depressed about it.

I worry about this for almost 10 seconds then I realise that Queen Em has left behind her loyal subject, HeyBro. It is so clear to me now that Queen Ems demands have been tattooed on Heybro's left butt cheek, last night when she went out to see if she was ok. Heybro spent an awfully long time out there with her and it is crystal clear she must fulfil the destiny that Queen Em failed to do. Heybro is so loyal, how could she fail? 

Osher arrives and it is clear one of the BachieGirls in their hysterical hungered state has broken out in the dead of night and eaten some of the mansion rations. A shirt was chosen. On the upside, he has two golden envelopes (to go with this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme suit last night). There will be two dates this episode, but will they be single or polygamist style? The first is a single date with Hippie Heather. Yay, she is still in the running.  The second envelope is a polygamist date with a dark twist. All the girls except Sarah and Hippie Heather are invited. 

Group Date
The dark twist is really just a dinner date in the dark. So they can discover their true selves and act all Avatar and 'really see' each other with their hearing and smelling senses, let's hope they all had time to shower. This date ends up being a little boring so the BachieGirls decide to spice it up a little by knocking over drinks and squealing about it. Tinkerbell (she is the blond intruder) shows her age by finding their behaviour oh so childish and is so "roll of the eyes"unimpressed. When BachieWood throws her a life line and asks her opinion she tells him, she will give her opinion if she feels she has one. That went down like a lead balloon and Bachie decides that his one on one time will go to sister-girlfriend Llama (oh how I try to type her name and it keeps coming up that way!) who totally turned him on when she fed him noodles and prawn crackers.Naturally the BachieGirls are totes frustrated by this decision. How dare she steal 'THEIR' man from them. Who does she think she is?

So Bachie takes Llama on a single and ever so boring date. It is clear she loves to smile and offer as little conversation as it is possible, what does she have to hide?  She does ask him if he saw her at a party would he approach her and speak to her? My concern at this point is she is asking him a question he has to answer in the nicest way possible. Who is this lady? Is she a diluted version of Sandragon with crazy eyes? If she is wearing pink in the next episode it will become all too clear.

Single Date
Hippie Heather scores the single date and after she was dumped by Osher in a NISSAN on the side of a country road, she desperately hopes Bachie will follow through and pick her up. He does and its in style. He is driving a Mr Whippy ice cream van (it could be an old NISSAN model, I am not sure). It is at this point that I hope that Hippie Heather can eat her weight in ice cream to keep her going for the rest of the show.  Bachie drives her to a secret garden style setting where a table is decked out in an edible Alice in Wonderland style buffet of delights. Bachie has the chocolatier come out to acknowledge his skills, because lets face it, Bachie slaves away all his available time (after workouts) to plan and organise every single square detail of these dates he takes his sister-girlfriends on but being asked to make and create edible delights is really just pushing it. Let's give the man a break! I am saddened to discover that they only eat a couple of  things. Why go to the effort for them to only eat a few items? It is becoming clear, Bachie likes his girls lean. Maybe the rations are not enforced by Channel 10? Maybe Bachie wont  propose to a "plus size" lady? Total douche! This is when I so wish I was working on The Bachelor, I would hoe down that table in no time and blog about it until the cows come home!! 

Time to go inside for some romantic time.This is when Hippie Heather drops her guard completely and actually appears to have totally fallen in love with Bachie. The sisterhood of TheBachelorau freak out! Is she falling too soon? Does he really love her back or is he just totally prepping for the next notch on his belt? Only time will tell, though he did give her a rose, which is a promising sign. 

Cocktail Party
There is a clear division at this point between NewBachieGirls and OriginalBachieGirls. Tinkerbell doesn't have time for it she be like....

Heybro is all perplexed about how Llama is getting more attention with Bachie and she be like... 

But I think Heybro is literally freaking out that she hasn't pulled off the tattooed promise that Queen Emily has left her with. That tattoo is there for life to remind her of her failure, not just with BachieWood, but to Queen Emily. Oh the shame to behold! What will become of her if she returns to Queen Emily empty handed.The hair she was supposed to rip out of Nina or/both Hippie Heather's head/s when she attacked them commando style, are still in their heads and not in her hands. How will she explain it so she will understand? Can she be too obvious or will she just freak out because all she can see in her desperate mind be like....

 I just hoped for Heybro's sake that Bachie wouldn't put her through the ceremony, but he did. Good luck Heybro, I so hope Her Royal Majesty of Bachelordom and Hearts her Highness Queen Emily isn't what the cameras made her out to be. 

Bachie Treat
It was so fitting that tonight's episode featured chocolate because I like chocolate too!

The Bachelor Australia Episode 9 Recap and Bachie Treat

Episode 9 
Was so glad that my flight got me home in time to watch The Bachelor live tonight (WYKWIM). So the last couple of episodes we are seeing Emily relax a bit and show her true colours. We thought maybe it was just QLDGirl having a negative influence on her, but it is possible to say it could have been Emily who was influencing her? Either way you look at it, Emily's true colours are not 50 shades of grey. If she was wearing a mood ring I think it would show the colours of black, red, and orange, which apparently mean she is stressed, nervous, and troubled or unsettled. Which is a very nice way of saying, she no play nice. I so wished Emily was a nice girl with the qualities of Parmie. She is a such pretty girl, but even BachieWood saw through her, which is pretty good work for Bachie.

Single Date
Anyway, Bec scores a single date with Bachie. I think he was personally more stoked about going indoor skydiving than being with Bec, this was just a feeling I had, but as the date progressed I knew I read his body language right. Bachie Wood sends Bec home from their date. I was not saddened by this exit at all. Bec is a bit of a swinger. I don't mean that in how it sounds. I mean that she swings from MeanGirl camp to NiceGirl camp, which in the rules of sisterhood, is not allowed and it basically means she is a dirtystreetspy and can't be trusted.

Annnnd, I kinda figured out she didn't really like him all that much.Not falling in love with the guy and living in a mansion with food rations and sharing dishes with girls who had pash time with the man you realise you are not falling in love with was getting a bit too much to handle.

While those of you who care shed a tear for Bec's departure we are all shocked to discover that BachieWood can make pancakes. He surprises the girls at the mansion which previous to his arrival has been on food rations. Imagine their excitement when he reveals he is going to make pancakes for them and they can actually eat then and have ice cream too, how nawty! Bachie is a bit disappointed with Emily who takes a long to time to swoon over him in her breakfast scarf. He is starting to worry. Can he picture himself waking up to her each morning for the rest of his life to that annoying breakfast scarf?

Single Date No.2
Single date time again (rules are being stretched in this episode) and Sarah scores this one. She is ferried over to his personal boat house shed, because he has a boat, doesn't he? Bachie then thinks it would be so tops to test Sarah's wine tasting skills. Has he forgotten that she is on mansion food rations, but drinking wine is not forbidden, in fact its an all you can drink affair and if they try to consume anything that is not red or white they are given Cinderella duties or even worse choosing crappy shirts for Osher?  Sarah proves the mansion all-you-can-drink wine training is successful and wins the Bachie wine tasting test hands down. He is so impressed he wants to pash her, but she no keen. Finally he produces a red rose which means she has to kiss him, he got dem moves!! Though it's clear there is no sizzle in this lame-o kiss. Me thinks she is in it to win it, not the man!

Cocktail Party
Cocktail party time and when Osher walks in all I can think of is, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Which is such a tease to girls who are on food rations and only get to drink wine. Does wine and chocolate go together??

Hold your wine glasses ladies, (and your boobs, as they may just fall out tonight) there is an intense shock install for you this evening. The intruders are coming {que twilight zone music}. Apparently this is a shock to BachieWood too. Like me, he didn't watched last season, so he had no idea there were going to be intruders.

Intruder number one has brown hair, does yoga, and her name is Lana, which auto correct keeps saying is Llama. Who can argue with auto correct, it's always correct right? So Llama has big eyes, kind of like a llama I suppose, so auto correct does know all! I can't remember much else about her.

When intruder number two arrives (it feels a little bit like Big Brother meets Perfect Match, but there is no sliding door, just a car door, and I wish Osher really was Dexter!) all I can think of is Tinkerbell. I don't recall what her name is, so Tinkerbell it is. Then I find out she is a food blogger. Gee whizz, where is her camera? Trash it now sister, you can't take pictures of food that doesn't exist. How many different angles can you take a picture of a glass of wine? I suppose we will find out.

It is very clear from the arrival of the intruders that Emily is no happy. So Bachie takes her aside to see how she feels about things. Emily's guard is really down and she lays it out in red, orange, and black. Emily is so confident that she has Bachie wrapped around her lipstick that she let's go of all her inner thoughts, that unfortunately Ems, sounds a bit on the unpleasant side. You are definitely coming across as a real Mean Girl. As Bachie be all like ....

But Emily no compute, how can he say such things to me, and she be like:

Rose Ceremony
We then cut to the rose ceremony where Bachie shocks all the girls and gives roses to the newbies. The final two are Emily and Nina. Then the whole of Australia are transfixed by the dramatic exist of Emily. She doesn't wait for Bachie to announce who loses, she dashes dramatically out right past him, close enough for him to grab her if he wanted to, but he just watches her leave, it is priceless. Her dramatic exit only has an effect on HeyBro who dutifully seeks permission from  Sam if she can go and talk to her.  He's all like, what evs Heybro, I have a rose ceremony to complete. He gives the rose to Nina, to which he adds was intended for her anyway.  Then Heybro be like.

Peace out!

PS, no #BachieTreat tonight. I was getting over jet lag!

Recap Episode 7&8
Recap Episode 5&6
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The Bachelor Australia Episodes 7&8 and #BachieTreat

This week I only watched Episode 7 as the following day I was on a flight to Malaysia with my husband for a business trip and due to VPN Zone restrictions, I couldn't watch the recaps while I was away. I had to wait to catch up when I go back. That being said here is my recap.

Episode 7 

The Farm themed group date. Lots of alcohol is consumed, shock horror! Hardly any food is consumed, so not shock horror! Snez and Bachie pash. QLDGirl gets her knickers in a knot and gets all whiney which is not be confused tonight with winey,  because she doesn't click with Bachie. QLDGirl goes home.

Bachie Treat

Sea Salt Caramel Artisan Popcorn {must be said in a posh accent}

Episode 8
Snez and BachieWood go on a single date and the most important issue of the series is properly addressed. Snez is taken back with the fact that she has food she can actually devour on camera. It is clear she has been starved for days because it is all she can talk about. She totally loads that pizza with as much protein that will sustain her for the days ahead of her, she got the smarts! When that Star Wars Ship dessert comes out, I can see it in her eyes, because I too have that look, " Back of Sam, I own this dessert, don't touch it, its mine"! But because she is a gracious and classy lady, she allows him a bite or two for show. Though when he asks her to put the dessert down to offer her the rose, you can catch her shoving in the last mouthful, she ain't letting it go to waste, she has to eat every last scrap before she goes back to Mansion rations.  She accepts the rose and is safe but can't help thinking and  secretly hoping she can scoff another Star Wars dessert or anything for that matter before she heads back to the dreaded Mansion/Girl Prison.

Poor Rachel didn't get a rose tonight. I so wished my rumer would prove to be correct. I spread it all over twitter with all my awesome followers. I felt so strongly that Rachel and Bachie were meeting up for midnight pashes. Why else was she dragged tagged along for so many episodes with no single date or conversations - at least on camera? That was quite an unfair play by Sam. Tag her along, give a girl hope, then ignore her! Maybe he is a dirtystreetpie? ( since I didn't watch last year's season I have no idea what a dirtystreetpie is, but it sounds dirty and this is how I felt about Sam tonight)

Bachie Treat
On the night this episode was airing in Australia, I was devouring a large meal at TGIFridays near my hotel. I didn't take a photo.
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