Monday, November 30, 2015

A Smoothie A Day Keeps....

You feeling really good throughout the day I must say! I have always enjoyed smoothies but traditionally for me, smoothies contained yoghurt or milk. I never thought of a smoothie just being made of fruit before. Over the past year and a bit I have realised my body doesn't appreciate dairy. So I have had to adjust to taking dairy out of my diet, which has been hard because while I can easily give up milk and yogurt, ice cream has been a big challenge. I do like chocolate but I can take it or leave it most of the time!!

I have embraced the almond milk, and will endeavour to make my own one of these days! I still consume cheese, but no where near as regularly as I once did. I will have it once a month if that and then I will be cranky with myself afterwards as I my body cramps up and responds to its presence in my system.

I have embraced the smoothies though and dairy free homemade ice creams, which I will also share with you.

1/4 cup Blueberries
Two small white peaches skin on chopped
2 mint leaves
1/3 of a small pineapple skin removed and chopped
Add about 1/2 to 1 cup of ice cubes
Add water to taste preference

Blend up in blender on pulse then liquify or puree if you have that function.

Watermelon - about 1 to 2 cups chopped
1/3 of a small pineapple skin removed and chopped
4 strawberries
table spoon of chia seeds
2 mint leaves
ice cubes and water
 Blend it up baby!!

Watermelon, about 1 to 2 cups chopped
1/3 of a small pineapple skin removed and chopped
4 strawberries
2 mint leaves
ice cubes and water
Blend it good, blend it real good!!

1/2 a small pineapple skin removed and chopped
2 mint leaves
1cm to 1.5cm nib of fresh ginger
1 tbs chia seeds
ice cubes and water
Blend it all up and refresh yourself!

1/2 small pineapple skin removed and chopped
1/2 large banana
2 mint leaves
4 strawberries
ice cubes and water
Blend it and blend it and blend it!

1 small very ripe pineapple skin removed and chopped
2 very ripe pears
ice cubes and water
Blend it and blend it!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

So I went food shopping without a list....on a Saturday morning....

Yeah, I woke up this morning thinking I really should get some groceries since my kids are like starving and not been fed since 8pm the night before! We are actually out of milk and bread so I thought, "I'll just pop down to the shops and grab a couple of things". Now how many of us say this with all the right intentions of doing just that? Why is it that it never actually ends up that way?

I woke up around 7:30am, by the annoying dog next door who was barking. Craparama, seriously its flammin' Saturday morning! A real opportunity to sleep in and a canine (that doesn't belong to me) not even a child, is waking me from a sleep-in day?  It was at this point I should have realised that my day may not be shaping up to be....

No sir-ree! Now that I was awake, I figured I really should get down to the shops and get the "couple" of things I needed before people swarm in the hundreds to do the same thing. Great idea and how clever of me, until I decide to just see what is happening on Instagram...

Then as if time was on fast forward, 30 mins flew by me without even a pinch on the bum to remind me of what I was supposed to be doing. I had to get my priorities right. If I didn't leave to the shops soon, getting a park was going to be insane let alone lining up at the registers.  But before I get out of  bed I get a notification on Facebook. I will just quickly see what that is.....

Craparama I did it again, almost a stinkin' hour has been spent on funny Ellen Show clips, food recipes, funny animals, Humans of New York fraction stories, and other amazing things that only true Facebook embracers totally get and understand. It is now 9am. If I don't haul a' to the shops now, there is no point in going at all. Should I shower...

I managed to get there as the parking spots were filling up but scored me a mighty fine park. Now it's at this point that I, basically in vain, remind myself I really only need to get bread and milk. However, I thankfully remember that I need to get dessert for a dinner we are attending the following evening. Should I right this down?

Naa, I'll remember that!! Note to self, your memory is Luna Park spelt backwards! You rarely remember things that happened only moments ago. Do not kid yourself, you will NOT remember what you need to get and as soon as you hit that grocery store you will get caught in the sale items at the front of the store and purchase at least 10 items before you actually recall why you went there in the first place!

Has anyone seen that Percy Jackson movie where they go to the casino and eat lotus flowers or something like that and they eventually realise that they have been in the casino for about 5 days or so? Well, I feel like that a bit when I am in the grocery store without a list.  I have to be like...

to myself and get my act together and get on with finding the bread, the milk, the desert and oh look what's on special.....

Ok, these are a great special, and a must have. Now let me get back to what I am here for. Then my phone buzzes. "Mum, I totes need bobby pins, can you like get me some?" Ok, now I have to add this to my brain? Let's see, dessert done with the donuts, that were on special, I am so awesome!! I have to get milk, bread, and bobby pins. I walk down the breakfast cereal isle. I just remember we are out of cereal so I add that to the trolley. Don't forget the bread and milk. Then I remember that we need fruit so the boys will have something for 'crunch and sip' at school on Monday. So I head back to the fruit section and pick up some. Everything looks so bright and colourful here. I really should grab a couple more things. Then I see the meat. Do I need meat? Was I here to get meat? Hang on a minute....

I truly am, but I know I didn't come to the shops for nothing. I really did have a purpose. What was it again? That's right milk, bread, and.....then I my phone buzzes, its another text. "Mum, are you like there, did you get my msg..." What message is she talking about? I hate getting random messages from my daughter. Then my phone rings.

Daughter: Hey Mum, do you like ever read my texts?

Me: I think I do?

Daughter: I totes need bobby pins

Me: Yes, I know I will get them but leave me alone or I will forget them!

So that's what I almost forgot. The stinkin' bobby pins. DO NOT FORGET THE BOBBY PINS, OR THE WRATH WILL FOLLOW! I head toward the milk, which annoyingly is on the complete other side of the store. As I am trolleying there, I notice the discount shelf of the cold food that are "Quick Sale" I should totally check it out! I pick up some heavily discounted 'fancy' milk (which is anything that is not standard store brand milk) and some yoghurt. Score! Now I realise I am adding more than I wanted into the my trolley and I really need to solidify my game plan.  Get that milk and then the bread and get out of there, now, now, now! I surprise myself and do exactly that, but because of my   distractions of discounts and specials the check out lines are building up. I manage to scope a shorter line down the other end of the store. I am third in line which was better than the others and I get the chance to catch up on important world news by reading the front pages of the 'gossip' magazines. I am now second in line. I am almost about to start adding my items to the conveyer belt when I remember something....

It is at this point I feel like.....

And then....

But then I'm like....

I am "MUM" I own this errand! I will get this sorted. I load my more than three items onto the conveyor belt. Purchase my items that were supposed to cost less than $20 but ended up being over $100, because you know how it is right? I load them in the trolley and I pick up some bobby pins at Big W on my way out of the shopping centre. I own this mum job, and I will endeavour to write a list next time....endeavour.... no promises because I might forget to write a list, or might not be able to find a pen that works or a spare piece of paper. Whatever happens, I am mum and I will work it out!!!

PS. I am totally showing my age. I always forget (yes I know) I can use the notes app on my phone...I'll get there one day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween Pinterest Fail! Nailed it!

So I saw this awesome venus fly trap on Pinterest for Halloween .......

I so wanted to recreate it, and it looked simple enough. The site explained the method and materials very clearly. I can so do this, I told myself. Though, I wouldn't be able to find the pumpkin head very easily. So I decided I would paper mache something up. As I layered upon layered gluey newspaper strips onto a halloween lantern from the Hot Dollar shop I was starting to think, why have I chosen such a silly way to do this project? It  must have been the fogging brain taking over as the flu crept upon me.  I soldiered on, and created this.....

No stem, no pot plant base. It does look scary but for all the wrong reasons. I had to prop the mouth open with something otherwise the mouth would close and it would look like nothing at all. One day I will make something awesome for day!!!

Lovin' Halloween Decorations 2015

Halloween is over for yet another year. I am so happy Aussie's are starting to really embrace the art of Halloween and trick-o-treating. It really is a lot of fun to have an excuse to dress up and walk around your neighbourhood and get to know people while asking for candy/lollies!! Here is what my house looked like this year.

The paint was purchased because it was "glow in the dark" though it didn't really deliver a good glow, well not as I was hoping it would. I think if I had charged it with a torch directly onto each letter, it could have given a better affect. Most people loved the giant spider. The garbage bag at the front is supposed to be a body bag. From a certain angle, it was close to looking like it should. Not sure if anyone picked up on it, they were too nice and didn't ask!! 

The glow in the dark paint not having an affect at night time:(

I painted the skeletons in the glow in the dark paint too. The eyes show the paint slightly working. The teeth have been doused in glow stick fluid! I got annoyed that things weren't glowing, so resorted to the glow stick fluid to say something glowed!!!

It started to rain a little so Charlie came under the porch to greet the evening trick or treaters. The best compliment of the night was a young couple who sat their baby on the seat so they could get some pictures, and I didn't charge them!!;p

This is our foyer entrance table decorations. 

This was my attempt at a venus fly trap. I saw something on Pinterest that looked awesomer than this. I had such high hopes, but I ran out of time as I got the flu and ran out of patience. Maybe next year! So I guess this is my #PinterestFail.  The cockroaches are fake! Come back in the middle of summer and they won't be!!! 

What did you do this Halloween?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Bachelorette Australia Finale Recap

Apologies for this late post. I had better things to do this weekend. I was on my time out. Not that I have been a bad mother and needed time to reflect on my behaviour, but as most mothers know we do need time out to reflect on why we chose to be mothers! It was a great weekend that really recharged my batteries that should last until the next mummy meltdown!!

Episode 10

It is finale time and BachieQueen has bought her Bachies to NZ to consume fosh and chops and all the L&P their hearts desires!! It was RobotMikey's turn to meet the her siblings first. BachieQueen's sister took the over protective sister roll and she did a good job. She was not taking any nonsense from RobotMikey. What were her first impression of RobotMikey....

I instantly liked her! Though by the end of their one to one chitty chat she seemed to have softened up towards him. Still first impressions are lasting.

Then it was Sasha's turn to meet the family, and while they tried hard to drill him, it was clear that they know he is BachieQueen's fav and they had to try hard not to let us know that, but didn't do the best of jobs. BachieQueen's sister tried to press Sasha to use the 'L' word but Sasha kept to his guns and expressed that he didn't want to use the word just to get her attention, which I thought was sweet.

Final Dates

BachieQueen took RobotMikey white water rafting and then they chitty chatted in a hot water spring....

Though BachieQueen did keep emphasising to the viewers how important it was for the fellas to express their true feelings. While it seemed to me that RobotMikey was not really completely in love with her or overly interested for that matter, he still dropped the 'L' bomb and because I totes read minds, I could see BachieQueen be like....

But she is nice and wouldn't actually say that, though we know she only has eyes for Sasha and this part of the show 'has' to be done.

BachieQueen takes Sasha on a yacht so they can cuddle and pash a lot. Then they sat on the pasha couch and talked about feelings and then Sasha dropped the 'L' bomb! BachieQueen's response to Sasha was way better than the other guys....

 ...and it was more obvious than it has ever been before who she was going to choose!

Who Does BachieQueen Choose?

Now if RobotMikey could show emotions, he would be like....

But I don't call him RobotMikey for kicks. When BachieQueen revealed the bad news that she just wanted to be friends and not lovers, because it was her and not him he was all like....

Good Luck to you RobotMikey, all jokes aside I do hope you find your lady C3PO one day!

I predicted this ending from Episode 1. Sasha and BachieQueen seem like a very compatible couple and I do wish them all the best. There was no marriage proposal, nor any ring or jewellery of any kind to speak of. Perhaps Channel 10 blew the budget on the first class tickets to NZ?!  Whatever the case, like I prophesied back in my episode 8 recap...

I am so awesome at this!! ;p

Missed a Recap?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Bachelorette Australia Ep 9 Recap and BachietteTreat

Episode 9

And then there were 3 Bachies standing and one of them has already stolen BachieQueen's heart and the other two are along for the ride and potential modelling contracts. BachieQueen takes each Bachie on a one to one date this episode and at the end of this episode, a Bachie will be departing back into singledom.

Sasha's Date

I really felt for Sasha on this date because he has a fear of heights and BachieQueen is well aware of this. Geared with this knowledge she decides the coolest date would be to totes go skydiving! No doubt Sasha's first impression was....

But he held it together like a trooper or like a love sick puppy dog, because he decided to go up in the plane that has a transparent roller door, which would make any hypsiphobic hurl at the sight of it. Personally, I have a crippling fear of heights. The very thought of skydiving and falling from an aeroplane makes me feel ill. Though that being said, if my husband decided to take me skydiving when we were dating, I probably would have skydived like Sasha did, anything for love right?

Once on the ground BachieQueen realises she could get Sasha to do just about anything in the name of love! She also realisies that this date means they can totes get through any challenges that life could throw at them IF they were to be together. This makes BachieQueen so excited, she starts to get queasy and light headed! The doctor is called in to monitor her but all she be thinking...

BachieQueen manages to get her heart rate down and back to normal beating mode. The thrill of the skydiving and the presence of her BachieKing were too much for her body to take!!! Things are looking good for the couple until they sit down on the pashing couch and BachieQueen says she is concerned that Sasha may not like her after the show is over because she doesn't have nice things! Sasha and us are like...

Is she saying....?

But Sasha patches it all up with his reassurance that stuff like that doesn't bother him and he's like....

And she melts for him all over again. Sash is the Man!! #TeamSasha


So I want to go all cray cray on the Princess Bride gifs again, but we'll see how we go. We might need to mix it up a little due to the nature of the date.  BachieQueen takes Richie to the snow and in true Aussie form, there isn't much snow to get excited about, though its enough to get Richie thinking its like the movies and its all #CoolBananas! He is from Perth! After some snowball fighting, with what snow they could find,  it was time to get serious. BachieQueen was on a mission. She had to hear just how serious Richie was about her, and by serious I mean, the "L" word. Was he falling in love with her, or was he trying to fall in love with her? She asked him but we at home, were like...

Yeah, so words came out of his mouth but I can't quite remember what he was saying exactly and I am concerned he wasn't really sure either, which is a bit disheartening.  Poor Richie....

Whatever you mean by what you were saying it means, it made us all feel like you were perhaps going home this episode...

Yes Richie it does!


If you have been reading my recaps (thanks by the way), you will know I am not a fan of RobotMikey. I can't really put my finger on it, its just seems like....

BachieQueen takes him whale watching. On the way, they are cuddling and he tells her that his mum proposed to his dad and I am all like....

BachieQueen dodges the comment but he tells her again and she has to respond and says something quaint. But its totally....

The highlights of the date go to the whales and then the aquarium room at the dinner date, that was pretty cool. But as for RobotMikey and his conversational skills....

Rose Ceremony

There are no numbers to collate or to speak of at this rose ceremony. And Osher is.....

What else can he do? BachieQueen took over and while she handed her second rose to RobotMikey she shed a tear for Richie. I was so hoping for RobotMikey not to get a rose, but alas, it was Richie. No Rose for you Richie there will be no Princess Bride ending for this show and I too shed a tear because there will be no more....

 It's all good though because I am #teamSasha and always was!!!

My prediction for tomorrow night, well, I think I have already made it clear. RobotMikey has better things to do....


All natural orange slushy which consists of oranges, water and ice. It was so noice!!

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